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Destiny 2 Glory Boosting

Title: Destiny 2 Glory Boosting
Description: This is for a full set of Gambit armor 2.0. We will farm reckoning until you have a full set of armor (collector, reaper, invader, or sentry). Includes all loot acquired throughout. You must have enough synths and access to tier III reckoning with a powerful synthesizer. All armor T3 - helmet tier depends on quest step progress. Account recovery only. Welcome to Destiny 2 Legit - where we get it done right! Accounts are highly recommended to help expedite orders. Cross Save expedites order turnover. Feel free to contact us with any questions via live chat. If we're not there leave your email. You can also hop into Discord Be sure to check our rewards program before placing your first order - points just for social media follows! This is for a full completion of the Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless completion. Keep all rewards and as well as your solo flawless completion emblem Crimson Echoes. Account Recovery. Needed for Shadowkeep Seal. This is for completion of the 980 Ordeal. This is done via account recovery - must be 960+ light. Get your exotic shards and enhancement prisms today! We log onto your account and play to 5,500 Glory. Get your Not Forgotten and Unbroken Titles here! Does not include weapon kills for Not Forgotten if you want full Not Forgotten go to pinnacle weapons. Account Recovery only.

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